The business of pleasure is changing, with more and more females splashing out on sexual services. A gigolo is a male escort or social companion who is supported by a person in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call.

The gigolo is expected to provide companionship, to serve as a consistent escort with good manners and social skills, and often to serve as a dancing partner as required by the woman in exchange for the support. Many gifts, such as expensive clothing and an automobile to drive, may be lavished upon him. The relationship may include sexual services as well, and he also can be referred to as a “kept man.”

Seems like a good deal, eh? Especially if you are 30 (or 40)-something and single, and couldn’t stand the idea and burden of being in a real relationship, but still would enjoy to get the benefits of it.

Let’s have a look at the main reasons why 30-something, single women at some point decide to hire a gigolo – we have gathered some opinions from a range of women and from a gigolo himself!

Why do women decide to hire a gigolo?


“I just wanted someone to cuddle me and stroke my hair”

The first woman interviewed, says “if you had said to me as a young woman that I’d enter into a paid sexual relationship, I would have said, “No way, not in a million years.” Before I made this decision, I had never had sex with someone I wasn’t engaged or married to, in my opinion sex and relationships are sacred. But I had never had a man, either my previous fiancé or husband, ask what would I like in bed, let alone if I had come.

I never had an orgasm. I had never known physical togetherness or emotional intimacy. Normal dating seems too hard and scary for me right now, and in my experience, men are put off by bright, smart women. I just wanted someone to cuddle me, stroke my hair, hold me. Before hiring a man I wondered, can you pay a fee to just hold hands and watch a movie?”.

People associate seeing a gigolo with exploring sexual fantasies or spicing up their sex life. Sometimes, on the contrary, women are actually longing for the complete opposite. The thing that attracts some women to a gigolo is that the relationship is based solely on money. They can’t hurt you or get at your soul. From the beginning, you know this person is sleeping with other people and what they give is a service.

Women want so much more than just sex

Some jobs you never see advertised. Think Hollywood actor, astronaut, adventurer. They’re also the kind of professions people fantasise about, but if we sat down and realistically thought through what would be required to do them, most of us would conclude they’re beyond our skill set. Being a gigolo is similar.

Excelling at being a gigolo, say those who do it for a living, isn’t just about the sexual gymnastics. Unlike female escorts – who tend to charge by the hour – a standard booking for a male escort generally involves a minimum of two hours. This is because most female clients don’t just want sex, but conversation and affection, too. So yes, a gigolo needs to be a god in bed, but he’ll also be required to play counsellor and friend.

To get the first sexual experience or get over relationship issues

There is no such thing as a typical client for a gigolo. They can be women as young as 20 and as old as 65. Women who are single, women who have partners, women who are married, divorced and widowed. Sometimes couples.

A male escort who was interviewed stated that “There are a lot of reasons why a woman might want to see a gigolo. I’ve had a few clients who were virgins. These women came to me because they wanted their first sexual experience to be a positive one – not only pleasurable but also safe and uncomplicated, without the pressure a first-time experience can sometimes bring in a relationship.”

Other women might feel motivated to see a gigolo over relationship issues. This might be the case of women who are in the middle of a divorce. At a time when everything else might be falling apart for them, a gigolo might be able to offer a little comfort and bolster their self-confidence.

There is also a number of people who turn to a gigolo when they are married but their partners haven’t paid any attention to them for months, sometimes years or even decades. People might look at someone who’s married and judge them for seeing a gigolo. They might say that person is cheating, but when you hear the whole story, you find it’s not that simple.

The job of a gigolo is far more complex and profound than “just sex”, but sometimes a woman just wants to have an hour or two of fun in the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to see a gigolo for pure sexual enjoyment.