Thankfully, you don’t need to spend all your salary to pleasure yourself or your partner. We’ve rounded up eleven of the best homemade sex toys so you can spice up your sex life without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how to use objects you probably already have lying around your room and create your own homemade sex toys for the best orgasm of your life.

Homemade sex toys are amazing because the pleasure is equally good as a store-bought dildo or vibrator, we’ve listed down the most common homemade sex toys that are easily accessible and can be easily dealt with, in case you want to keep your sexual pursuits, a secret.

Here are some tips to use the homemade sex toys you have in your house

homemade sex toys

Ice cubes

While perfect to chill your favourite cocktail, ice cubes are great to tease and tantalize your partner.

During foreplay, slowly run a cube over nipples, then down the torso, then down the happy trail, and see how long they can withstand the icy-cold sensation. Also, try sucking on an ice cube before kissing or giving oral for a whole new sensation.


Who said only whips can do the trick? If you’re in the mood for some spanking, head to your kitchen and grab your spatula. The best results come out of one made of rubber or silicone but even a good-old wooden one can do wonders.


They are excellent homemade sex toys for pleasuring the clitoris. You can even make use of jet showers or hand showers in case the main shower is out of your reach.

The positioning of the shower is most important, along with the speed of the water flow. Make sure that it’s either cold or lukewarm because you surely don’t want to burn your insides. Adjust the temperatures and get ready to use your very own homemade vibrator!


Just like sex, masturbation isn’t only about your vajayjay.

The prickly side of hairbrushes can be used in the pleasure points of the body such as the thighs, the neck, the breasts, etc. The polished side is usually preferable for spanking. Who would’ve imagined that a basic hairbrush could lead to so much pleasure as a homemade sex toys?

Feather Duster

For more fun with cleaning supplies, grab a feather duster, and tickle your partner between the legs. This works best on the head of the penis, the nipples, and the inner thighs.

Bonus points if your partner is blindfolded, be ready to enjoy a lot this homemade sex toys!


There are lots of firm pieces of sex furniture available, and pillows are great for making certain positions more comfortable.

Doggy style is one this works with – lean over the pillows during it. You can customize the size of the pile, so it’s better/easier than bending over the end of the bed or couch.

For more unusual positions, a body pillow is great support too. For either of you!


Every phone vibrates, right?

Alternately, there are various apps with different levels of vibration intensity that that you can download for free. Rub it against the ski; this homemade sex toys can give you the same sensations of a vibrator.

Belt instead of handcuffs

Another staple of most men’s wardrobes is a good leather belt, which means your partner already has the perfect replacement for handcuffs or restraints. Plus, is there anything hotter than watching a man whip off his belt and tie you up with it?

Towel wet with hot water

Sometimes, even foreplay deserves a bit of an extra-effort.

When massaging your partner’s genitals, wet a towel with hot water and use it to rub against the skin. For added effect, add a few squeezes as well. This one is known to get everyone, especially women, excited like never before.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are often sold as sex toys for couples, so if you have one in your apartment, you can save some money and have a great time on your own. You can rub it all over your body for foreplay and stimulate your clitoris until climax. 

Phallic fruits instead of dildos

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, but they also make great bedroom accessory. Wrap a freshly washed cucumber or banana with a condom and slip it inside you. The sensation is the exact same as with a normal dildo, but you can get this homemade sex toy on your weekly grocery run.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is covering it because you don’t want germs and bacteria to get inside your body.

Whether you’re using an expensive toy, a spatula from the kitchen, or even your favourite hairbrush, the most important thing is to have fun enjoying your homemade sex toys. This is your alone time, when you should completely relax, get to know your body, and have the best orgasm ever.