Keeping your skin safe and healthy should always be a priority, no matter the season we are going through! And while summer is full of joy and time spent outside, it also can wreak havoc on your skin. That is why a summer skincare routine is so important!

With warm weather comes lots of skincare challenges. From protecting your skin from sun exposure to getting that gorgeous glow, a summer skincare routine will help you take care of your skin all summer long. 

In the winter, we focus on really moisturizing with thicker products. We deal with dry skin from being cooped up indoors, and harsh winter weather takes a toll, too.

But in the summer, you need to lighten up your skincare! It is a lot warmer and more humid, which means it is time to make some swaps.

Here are some tips for a healthy, natural summer skincare routine

summer skincare routine

Make sure you still moisturize

Now, just because we are lightening up our summer skincare routine does not mean that we skip moisturizer.

Although your skin doesn’t get as dry in the summer as it does during the winter, you should still moisturize regularly. The only difference is that your lotion should be lightweight Moisturizer helps restore the outermost layer of your skin. This layer is important because it protects you from harmful environmental pollutants and chemicals that irritate and dry out your skin.

At night, opt for a nice gel moisturizer that feels cooling while restoring that essential barrier for your skin.

Try moisturizer and sunscreen combo

Choosing a combination moisturizer and SPF is a great idea for your morning summer skincare routine! This is an amazing product to add to your summer skincare routine.

Start gently exfoliating your skin

Exfoliation can drastically increase your sensitivity to the sun. So if you plan on getting a serious tan this summer, cut the number of times you exfoliate in half. Those who don’t get a ton of exposure to the sun don’t have to vary their exfoliation plan from their normal skin care routine.

Exfoliating your skin is especially important in the summer skincare routine: this applies to both your face and body.

Never forget sunscreen

You have probably heard this hundreds of times in your life, but sunscreen really is essential for a proper summer skincare routine. You need to wear sunscreen every single day to protect your skin. It is important to remember that you need to apply sunscreen again throughout the day, so set alarms on your phone if necessary.

Make your make up last for endless hours.

So the first tip is the most obvious one. Less is more. Yes, we all know how over usage of products would make us feel and look in the brutal summer heat. Hence, use less of whatever you want to.

Keep your crème products and your powdered products separately! That refers to your face, use a multitasking illuminator and complexion perfector, this cult favourite can be used as an eye shadow base, blush, or bronzer. No more pencil eye liners and kohl. In summer please switch to gel or liquids that are waterproof. All pencils, whether they are kohl, liners or brow ones, are made of wax, which melts in heat. Use your mascara with waterproof topcoat. Lastly, you can either use the liquid lip colours that promise to stay super long because they are completely matte, or simply use a lip balm.


Hydration is so important for a correct summer skincare routine. We have already talked about how important moisturizer is in the summer, but you should start hydrating your skin from the inside out. Make sure to drink enough water during the day! With the summer heat and time outside, it is easy to become dehydrated. If you want that glowing, gorgeous summer skin, make hydration a priority. Want to know a pro tip? Drinking lots of water also helps your skin heal much faster from a sunburn.

Ditch the unhealthy food

Parties and barbecues are classic summer staples, but remember that alcohol and soda will dehydrate you. Fried foods are full of grease which is bad news for your skin.

Luckily, the summer is when most fruits and vegetables reach peak ripeness and flavour. Replacing unhealthy snacks with fruits like berries, melons and cantaloupes and vegetables like cucumbers and peppers delivers essential vitamins to your skin, giving it a wonderful glow for a perfect summer skincare routine.

Add Vitamin C to sour summer skincare routine

Vitamin C is always good for your skin. But it is an amazing piece to add to your summer skincare routine!

It helps prevent hyperpigmentation and alleviates fine lines. Plus, it boosts collagen production to keep your skin elastic and healthy.

To use Vitamin C, just layer a few drops of a good serum onto your skin after cleansing and before moisturizing.