It’s frightfully easy to get fringes wrong, but they can be incredibly transformative when done right. Celebrities – with the help of their incredible teams – are particularly experimental when it comes to trying fringes or straight-cut bangs.

Dakota Johnson does fringes styles particularly well – her fringe is full, but not too full; fluid, but not stringy; and always well matched with her overall hairstyle. But that’s not the only way to style your fringes, as proven by more and more celebrities cutting them into their mullets and bobs.

Add personality and flair to your hairstyle by adding fresh fringe bangs! Fringes give new life to any hairstyle or haircut and help frame the face. From full and straight to pretty and piecy, there’s something for everyone with these fabulous fringes ideas!

The comeback in fashion of fringes – which style are you going to choose?


Curtain bangs

First made famous in the ‘60s and ‘70s by actresses like Brigette Bardot, Goldie Hawn, and Farrah Fawcett, curtain bangs—as the name suggests—are parted down the middle (or, sometimes, to the left or right) and swept to each side, so they perfectly frame your face and eyes, much like a curtain does with a window.

While curtain bangs—which are a softer take on traditional, straight-across fringe—can vary in length, they’re typically shorter in the center (think: between the middle and bottom of the eyebrow) and longer on the sides, with wispy ends that blend into the rest of your hair. But if it’s your first time making the cut, though, you may want to go a bit longer.

That way you’ll also have the option to pull them back into a ponytail or tuck them behind your ears. This French girl-approved fringe style is flattering on all face shapes (and suitable for all ages), plus you don’t need to have thick locks to pull off this look, as a wispy finish is key.

Cropped Bangs

2022 will be about experimenting with daring and dramatic looks, so the best way to start is by getting micro bangs (AKA baby bangs), which celebrities like Emma Watson and Bella Hadid have both been flaunting. Since micro bangs can be rocked wispy, choppy or blunt, they can be tailored to suit all face shapes. However, it is particularly flattering on those with heart-shaped faces, as it has a balancing effect that draws attention down and towards the eyes.

Curly Bangs

Curly hair is gorgeous with bangs, and the texture will make your bangs appear bouncy and voluminous. It can also create a more blended cut so that your bangs look natural and flow into the rest of your hair. This is an excellent option for someone who loves the idea of bangs but doesn’t want to spend a long time styling or maintaining them.

Your bangs can be adapted to suit your face shape, and you can experiment with different hair accessories. Not comfortable with commitment? A clip-in fringe (and wigs!) are the easiest way to try a fringe while bypassing the risk of hating them tomorrow morning.

Wispy Fringe

A long, piece-y, face-framing fringe. Often trimmed dry and vertically, a wispy set of fringe like Halle Berry’s looks good on everyone who wants to make a small change with maximum impact. Wispier fringe also allows for minimal dedication, meaning you won’t have to commit to styling appointments every three weeks. Someone like Jennifer Lopez — square-faced with a sharp jawline — looks best with a thicker fringe that sort of cascade down her cheeks at an angle.

Side Swept Fringe

Side bangs work well on both long and short haircuts, providing the hair with more shape and definition. It’s also the one fringe hairstyle that requires the least commitment, too! This fringe hairstyle works a treat on all face shapes, though we have to say, it’s especially effective for those with round faces. Why? Because it’ll help counteract the circular look of a round face, drawing attention to all the right angles.

Pixie Cut with Bangs

The pixie cut is one of the most classic women’s hairstyles. It is a short hairstyle that is low-maintenance and can be easily adapted to suit your hair texture and type. You can also style it with bangs to complement your facial symmetry and create a flattering appearance that highlights your best features. The cut can add volume to your hair. Your bangs can be long or short, but keeping them longer will give the illusion of length to your haircut. For a chic but casual appearance, opt for messy bangs that add a softness to your look.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are a great way to instantly revamp your look and transform your mane. These type of bangs can work on all face types and hair textures!