The reflecting heat bit aside, white is a colour that strikes the perfect sweet spot between elegant, easy-going and effortless, exactly what you need during these hot, humid months. Nothing screams summer quite so loudly as this colour , so being in the warmest months of the year you can incorporate white pieces in linen, cotton and silk as a blank canvas to build upon and create endless fun looks. Little white dresses are also an option, and they are popping up everywhere in the summer.

Here are our tips for wearing white this summer


Don’t be afraid of wearing white

Wearing this colour can sound a bit intimidating but white really is the most summery shade out there. Even if you feel you’re too pale, and you feel that those with sun-kissed skin may suit a little better, there’s no reason why you can’t wear any colour. Find out what complements your skin tone and doesn’t leave you looking washed out.

Check quality when you select white fabrics

Whether it’s a cotton button-down or a silk blouse, check white clothing for quality before you leave the store: the color is completely unforgiving toward wrinkles and sub-par laundering. Also check the item’s care instructions to ensure it’s not too high-maintenance for your lifestyle. A dry clean-only white shirt will rack up high fees over time. The quality fabric just feels good and fits right. However, selecting a quality fabric is never more important than with white clothing. Quality fabrics are less likely to be see-through. Give the garment even more bonus points if it is lined.

Stay away from clingy fabrics

Make sure the fabric you choose isn’t too clingy. Note that wearing a tight, body-con dress in white is very difficult to do. That’s because tight white fabric tends to show every bump and bulge of your body. Remember: summer is all about the easy, breezy style anyway, so embrace free-flowing forms.

Wear nude underwear with white clothes

When you wear white underwear under a white top, or pair of pants, it ends up looking even more opaque and thus, visible to those around you. White inners tend to show through white fabrics, especially the lighter ones made to be summer-friendly. Nude innerwear is your best shot at avoiding this. Pick something closer to your skin tone, which will blend in and thus look relatively invisible. This is a golden rule we must never forget!

Apply makeup BEFORE putting on a white top

If you’re wearing makeup, especially creamy or liquid products, make sure everything is set in place and dried, before you put your white top on. Same goes for BB cream, moisturiser, or any other cosmetic you might want to wear.

White t-shirt: a must-have

Most stores offer endless iterations of this wardrobe staple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the perfect one for you. Shop around on this piece: crew-neck or high-neck tees tend to look best on small-chested women, while V-necks and scoop-necks are flattering on almost all body types. It really is a basic item everyone should have in their closet!

What about an all-white outfit?

If you are going to opt for a head-to-toe white outfit, play around with contrasting textures, delicate detailing, or structured silhouettes for a refreshingly modern take. And just like you would with any other outfit, make sure proportions are balanced and that your accessories work with the rest of your outfit, rather than competing with it.

Invest in some gold accessories, but keep it simple

On the subject of accessories, I say go for gold with summer white clothes. Gold really works well with white and the warmer temperatures of the season. Give it a try. However, the beauty of white is in its simplicity. So, don’t overwhelm it with accessories.

Prepare a plan B in case of stains

Before heading out in an all-white ensemble, know that anything could happen. If the idea makes you nervous, bring along a stain-removing arsenal: baby wipes have incredible cleaning power against water-based and grass stains, peroxide and saltwater will remove blood stains, and club soda and stain-remover sticks can remove much of the rest. Just in case, carry a sweater or cardigan you can pull over your shirt or tie around your waist; cosmetics, oil, lotion, wax, and butter stains might have to wait until you get home to be addressed.

And if it happens, know how to wash your white garments

First of all, you need to sort your whites from your colors and your heavily soiled whites from your lightly soiled ones (incredibly muddy socks, for example, will dirty up the rest of your load). Wash clothes on hot and add whitener or brightener (store-bought boosters such as washing soda and oxygen bleach work; as do natural options, such as lemon juice and distilled white vinegar).