Let’s be clear: having a sex routine isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, some relationship experts say scheduling sex can help maintain a healthy, long-term relationship. But sometimes it’s also nice to mix things up because, just like anything else in life, trying new things helps you explore uncharted territory to figure out what you like (or what you don’t). Want to get him super turned on, the next time he sees you?

Sex games introduce something new into the bedroom.

There is no shortage of ideas for how exactly you incorporate games into your trysts between the sheets. Like any game, if one style doesn’t work or appeal to you, there are always plenty more out there.

Play these fun sex games for couples or threesomes that will hopefully result in sensational discoveries and maybe even unlock some new sexual fantasies. So, light a romantic candle, cue up your sultriest playlist, and settle in.

sex games

The timer

This is one of the easiest to make (but hardest to accomplish) sex games of this list. Take a timer and put in a random time limit, say 20 minutes. Now for those 20 minutes the challenge is to kiss each other, tease each other, touch each other but NOT have sex. You can get naked but you can’t actually have sex. The longer the time limit, the better the outcome will be when it finally gets over!

The 30 seconds challenge

Do you like the race-against-time kind of sex games? Here’s another one for you. You and your partner both have 30 seconds to turn each other on. You take turns, and in those 30 seconds can do whatever you think will work for your partner, while the other person has to sit still and enjoy the show. Of course, this has to be repeated several times. But that just makes it more fun! The game doesn’t end until one of the two admits they are definitely turned on.

Adult truth or dare

This is the NSFW version of Truth or Dare that you played as a kid. For truths, go for the raunchiest sex fantasy you’ve ever imagined, or the hottest place you’ve ever had sex. For dare, consider doing something out of your comfort zone (that you deem safe). This could be doing a striptease or trying out a new position.

The jar of desire

This is one of the sex games that will also enhance the communication in your relationship as well as setting the mood right for sex! Each person in the relationship has to write out 10 to 15 sexual-based questions, topics, or likes/things they’d like to try, then place them in a jar. Once you’ve got the jar filled up, take several moments throughout the week to pick randomly from the jar. Whatever card you pull out, that’s what you and your partner(s) get to verbally or physically explore, with consent, of course.

Naked pillow fight

One of the easiest, cutest sex games to perform. Just a good ol’ fashioned tickle-fest and pillow fight with your partner. The only rule is you both must be naked. In addition to getting turned on, you’ll both be giggling the whole time.

The post-it sex game

With this easy sex game, take some time with your partner(s) to create a sensual and comfortable space in your home where you’ll both feel at ease being naked. After that, take different Post-its and place them on your partner’s body to signify the areas you find sexy and/or attractive or the areas you want to explore with kisses and caresses. When you’re both ready, act on your desires until you tap out.

Strip poker

Probably the most classic of sex games. Strip poker has been played in movies, on TV, and might even make an appearance in your bedroom soon. Obviously, you need to know how to play poker for this to actually be fun. And no doubling down on socks and pants, that’s just cheating you out of getting to the fun part sooner. Unlike the tables at Vegas, there are no real losers at the end of this card game.

The orgasm challenge

You and your partner lie down next to each other completely naked. The point of the game is to masturbate, and the first person to cum wins. The winner’s prize is to help the loser finish. And although it’s called a race, you can totally take your time. You’re both winners in this situation if you think about it, so don’t rush it. It’s really a form of foreplay to get you both ready for a night of pleasure.