This includes both men and women. Why are we doing this? Isn’t it easier to just tell the truth? Why do we fake orgasms? The orgasm is the culmination of a sexual relationship, which is characterized by an acceleration of the heart rate, increased breathing, and increased blood pressure as well as muscle contractions of the pelvic area.

The problem is that women don’t always get to it for many reasons: stress because the other person still doesn’t know us well enough, because the body doesn’t always react the same way, etc. What happens is that we often choose to fake orgasms instead of saying it with complete sincerity. We know our body and we already know how it responds to an orgasm. We just have to imitate this moment and voila, the other person will believe that we have reached orgasm.

Let’s look at the reasons why we fake orgams

fake orgasms

We fake orgasms because we think the goal of sex is orgasm.

We tend to mistakenly believe that the only purpose of sex is to culminate in an orgasm. If it is not achieved, the relationship has been a disaster and thinking that this is a big mistake. We have to learn to enjoy sex from start to finish, from every detail. The way we touch, we kiss, the intrusion … everything is sex. If we are obsessed, we will never reach orgasm, nor will we enjoy the journey.

We fake orgasms to avoid negative emotions.

We expect to come, so we fake it in order to make ourselves feel better; or, if some woman rarely or never have orgasms, can fake it to make herself feel ‘normal’. Given the number of women who fall in this group, a large percentage of all faked orgasms are staged for this reason.

We fake orgasms out of concern for a partner’s feelings.

You know that he expects you to come; or that he doesn’t judge sex to have been a success if you haven’t come. This is so common that is called altruistic deceit by researchers, and as many as75% of women have faked it for this reason alone.

We fake orgasms out of fear.

Some women have dominating partners with short tempers, anger issues and insensitivity to their needs. Someone who has wrapped his masculinity around his genitals, if he comes to know that now this one woman is not able to climax, he will yell at her and accuse her too.

She’ll fake the orgasm and let his ego bloat further to save herself from abuse, both verbal and physical. A woman does not need to hear crap like that for simply wanting to have a great time in bed.

We fake orgasms because we have a partner weak at sex but determined!

The partner is one of those who makes it his goal to get his woman to climax, but he isn’t that good at it. He is not going to stop until she finishes. So, after he has been going on to no result, faking it is the only way she can make him stop.

She respects him and definitely also admires his persistence, don’t get us wrong. But whatever reason there might be, it is just not working out between them sexually. To save face and avoid distressing her partner about his performance, she will have a fake orgasm just to let the issue slide.

We want to save the occasion by having fake orgasms.

How can we let an excellent opportunity be spoilt? Everything was going so well. The ambience was unique. Parents took the child out to visit relatives. The foreplay was divine. Everything was steamy and better than the movies. Why would we ever try and ruin that?

We fake orgasms to increase arousal.

This is interesting. Pretending to have an orgasm to induce a real one. Ever heard of this before? People do not really assume this to be a common reason but sadly, it is. Women fake orgasm because they feel like if they do so, a real one will naturally come to them, this can work well but unfortunately can backfire too. One might end up faking to the end, and that’s no fun.

Weak communication causes having fake orgasms.

All the above can be attributed to poor communication or fragile relationships. If the connection is mature and has developed to a comfortable place, if she is not afraid of her man and her man’s ego is not wrapped around his sexual prowess, the woman will be warm enough, to be honest with him. If she knows that her man cares about her just as much as she cares for him, she will be open about telling him how she really feels. Beautiful sex can be a result of only a mature relationship where both partners can have clear, open, and frank communication with each other.

There are many things average in this world; love shouldn’t be one of them and nor should sex.