Do you play a lot with different sexual scenarios in your mind? That’s nothing out of the ordinary, after all, we are sexual beings. Whether you’re a “tie me to the bed” person or you’re into fairy-tale princess role-playing, sexual fantasies can help you get in touch with your wild side among desires and kinks.

The most common sexual fantasies, according to a study by a renowned US university, are sex in an exciting place, sex with a new partner and being submissive. 

However, that doesn’t mean that women who fantasize about these things want to do them. It just means that they are excited by the imagination. The image that goes through their head can really make or break a sex session, either by themselves or with a partner.

If you want your fantasies to get your partner’s attention, check out this step-by-step guide on how you can get it right and make it happen:

1- Oral sex, the top of sexual fantasies

Both giving and receiving oral sex is one of the top sexual fantasies in a study. Many couples I know don’t feel comfortable with oral sex and don’t do it much, for one reason or another. And since we always want what we don’t have, it’s understandable that this is a fantasy that we tend to think about a lot. 

Some people I know see oral sex as an act of submission. However, you can choose to see it as an act of domination, taking what is yours or controlling another’s pleasure. In the end, it’s all points of view. Choose yours.

2- Sex in public

It is more common than you think to feel aroused by sex in public or semi-public places such as dark alleys, public toilets and cinemas. The thrill is of being caught and doing what is forbidden and illegal. Yet, because it is a risky act, it is sometimes best left as a fantasy.

 3- Sex in an unusual place

You probably have sexual fantasies about doing it in places like hotel rooms or kitchen countertops, since having sex in these places can spice up what you always find yourself in. Also, these fantasies are very easy to fulfil, so you should discuss them with your partner to make them a reality.

4- Being unfaithful

The idea of cheating on your partner and the danger of being seen can be one of the greatest sexual fantasies. If it’s the freshness of a new sexual connection you want, perhaps you can explore how to add excitement to your bedroom activities with your partner without resorting to infidelity.

common sexual fantasies

5- Pegging

Pegging is a practice in which a woman provides anal sex to a man using a strap-on. This fantasy is usually the result of an underlying desire to dominate the partner for a change. While it’s not for everyone, if it’s something that turns you on, it may be something worth talking to your partner about and exploring. 

In the end, if you don’t talk to him about these kinds of sexual fantasies, you’ll never know! 

6- Being dominated

A study revealed that 65% of women crave to be controlled. More commonly known as wanting to be dominated, in fact, many more than you think fantasise about it. That’s one of the sexual fantasies that skyrocketed after the release of the 50 Shades of Grey saga.

This can mean varied things to different people and doesn’t necessarily involve pain. It can range from being blindfolded to being held down by the wrists. It is the surrender of control and power, which can be very sexy.

7- Sex isn’t just for two

Fantasies of being the centre of attention and being desired by large groups of people may have to do with the longing to be seen and prized as a person of value, or part of something much bigger than the individual. This is why around 57% of women fantasise about having sex with more than three people at a time.