Beard is a deciding key to beauty — it must look gorgeous and attractive.

Whether or not you grow some facial hair is a pretty personal decision that reflects your own style and personality. But while we’re admittedly a little biased, we happen to think that any guy can look their best when they let their beard flourish. Many a man dreams of that illusive full stubble or epic sideburns but doesn’t quite know where to start or why their neckline needs a new do’.

Growing a stubble takes time, and caring for your beard doesn’t end at shampooing and combing. Keeping it healthy starts with maintaining your overall health.

Here are our tips to grow a flawless and healthy beard.


Do Exfoliate On Shaving Off Days

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface—a key step to keeping skin healthy and clear. Regarding facial hair, this step in your skincare routine is particularly important to prevent ingrown hairs, acne, and bumps.

Keep your beard clean with shampoo and conditioner

Once your stubble has grown to a suitable length, it requires regular care to keep it looking strong and presentable. The same way your hair needs to be washed regularly, so does your facial hairs. While it’s obvious to just throw a dab of shampoo into your beard when you’re in the shower, it’s not always the best solution. Your stubble is located in a area of your face where it is exposed to all kinds of things. For example, drink and food residues. A well-groomed beards also means clean beards – that’s why hygiene is crucial.

Wash your beard

Make sure you wash it with a shampoo designed for this purpose, so that it is deeply cleansed and moisturised in order to look its best. A specialised shampoo will also prevent skin irritations that regular hair shampoos can quickly cause when they come into contact with delicate facial skin.

Obtain a soft, thick beard

After all the hairs in your stubble have been thoroughly cleansed, it’s important to seal in the moisture. You can do this with a good beard conditioner. Beards can quickly look and feel stiff and coarse. And it’s no fun kissing a hedgehog – or looking like one.

A conditioner keeps your beard moisturised, so that each individual hair is softened deep down. It’s important to massage the product into the entire beard and down to the underlying skin. This will help to ensure that the skin is saturated with moisture and the roots receive optimal care. Let your conditioner sit for a few minutes – this allows it to work in depth.

Oil based beard care

Great beards requires nourishing ingredients. You can get that with the right care through shampoo and conditioner. But if you want to look sharper, it’s a good idea to nourish your stubble with oil. The oil softens facial hairs with plenty of moisture and nourishment, leaving it shiny and well-groomed.

Add vitamins and minerals

Beards oils are packed with vitamins and minerals that protect against harsh environmental factors that can make your facial hair look dull and lifeless. It also provides effective care for the delicate skin underneath so it doesn’t get irritated. The active ingredients in a oil also help to regulate your skin’s natural oil production.

How to apply oil to your beard

Drizzle a few drops of oil between your fingers and warm it up briefly. Then run your fingers through your beard. Remember that you should only use a very small amount – unless you want a very shiny look. You may want to use a comb to comb through your beard to distribute the oil evenly. The care gives your beard a soft and smooth look – and not least a fresh scent that can keep odours from food residues and the like away.

Trim your beard regularly

Well-groomed stubble are much more than a clean, soft and hygienic beards. If hair growth is not kept in check, you won’t get the optimal and elegant beard look. Beard care is first and foremost about a razor-sharp look. That’s why it’s important to keep your stubble trimmed regularly. Uncontrolled hair growth can easily make you look scruffy – even if your lush beard is freshly washed. Just as your hair needs to be trimmed and the sharp edges of your neck and ears need to be maintained, so does your beard.

Before you start trimming your beard, first stubble it with a comb so that all the hairs are facing the same direction – otherwise you’ll end up with an uneven result. To get the perfect sharp shape and form of your beard, make sure you remove all the small hairs above the cheek line and below the edge line.