The happiest day of the year is considered to be June 20th.

Say hello to happiness and welcome into your life on this Yellow Day. The Yellow Day comes at the right time to encourage you to be the happiest day this year, find out what it is. It seems that after a season of challenges and difficulties around the world, life wants you to restart your happiness and, for this, different factors have come together on Yellow Day, a date where you will have many reasons to awaken your joy. Why is 20 June the happiest day of the year?

A group of experts determined that this Tuesday, June 20, is the happiest day of the year (Yellow Day). The factors that influence this decision are: the hours of light that we have, the pleasant temperatures, the proximity of the holidays and the extra pay.To determine exactly which is the happiest day (each year varies, logically), it is taken into account that this is the day with the most hours of light of the year, with pleasant temperatures, as well as being a preview of summer and vacations.

Here we provide some of the variables that make June 20 the happiest day of the year.


Pleasant temperature

Warm days that are not sweltering. They allow you to enjoy outdoor activities, in turn substantially improving one’s mood.

More daylight hours

Daytime hours are extended. The days are getting longer and we have more daylight hours to enjoy the outdoor activities. The sun plays a very important role in the human body, its light generates that our bodies produce serotonin, the hormone charge of happiness. The direct influence of the sun’s rays on our state of mind, how we fall asleep and the energy we have, is more than proven. The sun is one of the best medicines for the state of mind, and now we have more than ever.This increase in light gives the name to Yellow Day, with the color yellow representing light itself.


While it may be a long time since we have had a summer holiday, schools, universities and other institutions have summer breaks which afford more opportunities for fun. Is there anything better than planning the summer holidays? Sea or mountain, city or countryside, any choice is good, and it’s because in the month of June we are already looking forward to the holidays, and planning it adds an extra touch of motivation.

Summer working hours

In many countries with hot climates, the summer working hours can change according to the increase in temperatures. Having more free time to be able to have fun gives us the option to disconnect from our daily problems, and focus on what we really like. Of course, with more hours and a perfect time for planning, our social relationships improve and are strengthened.

Why is Yellow Day celebrated?

The Yellow Day is designated according to different elements that, according to experts, directly influence the emotional state of people, so once they come together, they offer us what could be the happiest day of the year. Among the reasons why we can have a better mood during this date are the increase in temperature, the increase in the number of hours of daylight during the day and, in addition, that the holiday season is close, so it is arouses a motivation to keep going.

It is proven that sunlight impacts even our mood and the functioning of our body, and even if you cannot go on vacation to a special destination, you can rest at home with your family.

The sun is always synonymous with optimism and a good attitude, although it also has a fundamental role in human physiology. In fact, without sunlight, production levels of cortisol, serotonin and melatonin are reduced. And this effect influences the mood, night rest and the energy you have during the day.

How is the Happiest Day of the Year celebrated?

Yellow is the color of Yellow Day, since it is a color that denotes positivity, fun, enlightenment, optimism, creativity, intelligence and, of course, happiness. Those who celebrate June 20th dress in yellow to enhance this joy. Although there is no exact way to celebrate Yellow Day, experts invite us to celebrate all the variables that enter into the equation. This includes carrying out acts that make us feel better about ourselves and that enhance our happiness such as outdoor activities, relaxing baths, healthy eating, a meeting with friends or family, offering altruistic acts, etc. There is no better celebration of the happiest day of the year 2023 than working on your own happiness, promoting and enhancing it. Although there is little evidence to support Yellow Day as being objectively the happiest day of the year, if it can help encourage happiness in general, it may prove positive to you.