If you are new to hair blowouts, then let’s get to know about them first. Do you know that the perfect blowout is actually a nice trick to easily create some cool hairstyles in just a few minutes? 

A blowout means using the hair dry to style your hair after washing, or creating different hairstyles by blow-drying. It is also called the art of blow-drying as you will need some particular tricks to accomplish the hairstyle that you desire using this method. Without the use of a curling iron or a flat iron, you may achieve curly, straight, or subtle waves with a blowout. Normally, the blow-dry can last from 3-5 days, maybe even longer, depending on the texture and thickness of your hair.

Is it true that to accomplish the perfect blowout, we need to go to the hair salon and meet a professional hairstylist? Not exactly. Just like you, we want to master the perfect blowout without having to go to the hair salon.

Here below our guide on how to do a perfect blowout at home that has the same result as when you go to a hairstylist

perfect blowout

Wash your hair

To get the perfect blowout at homeiIt is important that you wash your hair first, and use hair products that are devoid of alcohol and sulfates.  Any good blowout begins with a shampoo — your hair has to be wet before you blow it dry, after all — followed by conditioner (which should generally only be applied onto only the lengths and ends of your hair). The type of shampoo and conditioner you choose will definitely impact how well your blowout turns out.

Prepare the hair

You want your hair to be damp before you pick up your blow dryer in order to minimize the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat; too much exposure will not only cause frizz but can also cause damage over time. Less time spent blow-drying also means the overall process will be speedier, and therefore your arms and elbows will be less likely to get fatigued.

Never try to blow-dry soaking-wet strands. Instead, twist your hair up into a super-absorbent towel right out of the shower. Once your hair is no longer sopping wet, take your hair down and comb through with a wide-tooth comb, to detangle hair. You can also opt for a detangling brush depending on your personal preferences.

Blow dry your hair

This also can’t be missed when learning how to do a perfect blowout at home. Have you ever noticed the hairstylist constantly blow-dry the hair till it’s practically dry before styling it? That’s because styling your hair when it is damp until it is dry is always preferable to styling it when it is still wet. When blow-drying the hair, it is important to notice the dryness and not to make it too dry.

Before grabbing your brush and attachment nozzle, the next step is to rough dry hair on medium heat until your hair is about 60 to 70 percent dry. This basically means using your fingers and a medium or low heat setting to give your hair an all-over dry before you begin to work in sections.

Choose the right tools

Once your hair is at least 70 percent dry, it’s time to break out your barrel brush and concentrator nozzle and get to work. The concentrator nozzle, though often left off by DIY blow-dryers, is the real key to achieving salon-level results. It concentrates the air and aids in directing the airflow exactly where you want it to go.

It’s one of the most important accessories when blow-drying your own hair, especially when you’re trying to get into those hard to reach areas. This concentrated air flow also helps make the cuticle of the hair lay flat so that it will be shinier and less frizzy.

The type of hair brush you use is also important. Though this often comes down to personal preference, boar bristle brushes are generally considered to be the gold standard. Boar bristle brushes are great because they smooth the hair more than a plastic or synthetic brush. If you opt for a round brush (the type your stylist likely uses at the salon), note that the size of the barrel will also affect your results.

The smaller the round brush, the tighter you can get your wave or curl. The larger the round brush, the larger your waves will be and the more volume you can get.

Pull and roll

This is the most important part of the tutorial on how to do a perfect blowout at home. This professional technique can start by blowing your hair with the round brush that we have prepared once your hair is almost dry. The “pull and roll” technique is the secret to making your hair look huge, smooth, and bouncy. Once all of your hair is beautifully blown-dry, apply a dime-sized amount of finishing cream onto your lengths and ends to seal in moisture and ward off any frizz.