The leaves are turning red, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back on the menu and the weather is finally allowing us to wear a coat without OTT sweating – autumn loungewear is here. Whilst autumn isn’t quite as cold as winter, it still invites a certain degree of cosiness back into our lives that has been missing during the sweltering heat of summer.

From the casual sweatsuit to snug knitwear combinations, loungewear is on the rise – including outside your own four walls. But if you associate loungewear with childish pyjamas in this day and age, well you are way off. Autumn loungewear boasts high-quality fabrics and pulls out all the stops when it comes to style. By the time several big fashion houses showcased it on the runway, it was already clear that this trend was no longer limited to private settings.

Autumn loungewear leaves plenty of room for interpretation: combined with cool street-style elements like boots or trendy shackets, you can create a look that stands out thanks to its casual understatement. With an elegant two-piece knitwear outfit in muted colours such as beige or black, you can also show off the trend’s more feminine, elegant side. Autumn loungewear is a style which when done right, makes you feel comfortable, yet look sophisticated.

Even with pyjamas and track pants thrown into the mix, there’s a way to approach it correctly such that you can step outside your home and carry off your ensemble in style. The right accessories can add an element of interest as well! The main idea is effortless comfort and effortless chic.

Here are a few Autumn loungwear pieces we suggest you to wear this season.

autumn loungewear

Lounge dresses

For instance, during the warmer months lounge dresses are the perfect essentials for lounging at home. Not only do they allow you to feel ready for the day, they’re the perfect comfy piece to wear with minimal effort. And because they make you look good, you’ll end up feeling good, too. They make you feel more productive as you get through your workload or spend the day running a few quick errands. Lounge dresses come in different cuts and styles, which means there’s something for every style and comfort level.

Separates items

When it comes to separates, pieces such as comfy cotton shirts are a must for any type of weather as they allow you to layer as much as you need. For example, on a rainy or chilly day you can layer a cotton top with a sweater or cardigan. Paired with comfy casual pants, your Autumn loungewear outfit is complete for a cozy day at home that allows you to look put together, especially for those unexpected Zoom meetings.


Sweatpants can be readily dressed up to seem far more stylish than anyone would have ever imagined, creating an outfit one can wear almost anywhere. The fit of the various sweatpants might make a significant difference if the idea is to spice up the appearance.

Undoubtedly, rocking baggy sweatpants may be challenging to style, unlike leggings with better fittings. You can combine sweatpants with a blazer or even a trench or a top coat while ditching a sweater to get the perfect outdoorsy look. Additionally, replace the blazer with a leather or denim jacket if you want to look more sophisticated when pairing the sweatpants.

Dress up your shoes

Skip the slippers and trainers you would normally wear with sweats (and definitely skip the Uggs). A good way to dress up your Autumn loungewear is by adding an unexpected pair of shoes. Try chic white leather sneakers with joggers, and a pair of heeled sandals or booties with knit dresses & skirts.


Accessories are another way to make it clear that you intentionally left your house in your loungewear – and didn’t just need to walk your dog or pick up groceries. Adding a structured bag, bold gold jewelry, and a sophisticated pair of sunglasses will make your outfit look deliberate & put together.

Pajama sets

One of the most popular Autumn loungewear has been layering strappy skirts and flowy gowns over plain t-shirts. Women may like to wear their slick nightgowns over a plain white t-shirt instead of the beautiful strappy dresses for an at-home alternative. Wearing a choker around the neck and tying the hair up in a loose, untidy ponytail can boost the trend factor of this pajama costume.

The majority of the time, a blazer is the most stylish piece of clothing to wear to look instantly more put together. However, by slipping on an oversized jacket and adding a little accent, ladies can easily dress up their at-home pajama attire of joggers and a t-shirt.