There’s good news for the hirsute man: research suggests women find men with beards more sexually attractive than clean-shaven gents. In general, “masculine” features – including facial hair, a strong jawline, deeply set eyes and a thicker brow – were rated as more attractive and sexy. Physical appearance is a big deal while choosing the perfect potential mate. One gets impressed by the first look.

Men having well-groomed beards suggest that they are careful about their physical appearance and that adds points to their personalities. Moreover, men with beards look more manly, older, matured, generous, sincere, responsible, confident, hard-working, family oriented. All these things lift their sexiness up and make them desirable to the women.

But what are the best beards styles to make a woman fall in love? We decided to put everyone’s mind at rest and go to the source — by asking women their real opinions on beards. Clean shaven, stubble, heavy stubble and full beards were the beard types which were exposed to the women and they were asked to choose the best one in terms of their preference for having both long-term relationship and short-term relationship.

This guide will show you all the beards that women particularly like


Stubble beard style

The stubble beard, also known as “the 3 day beard” is a beard style with a length of 3mm. This is a perfect style for men with baby faces, because it adds immediately maturity and it’s the best option for those who struggle to grow thick and/or full beard. According to one study, women favour heavy stubble. Particularly the growth that equates to about ten days of not shaving. Research shows that women rated heavy stubble as being most desirable and most indicative of maturity, dominance, and aggression.

Short beards

The short beard is a more classic and versatile style and It’s an office-friendly alternative.

This style will suit most face shapes. But you may need to customize it in order to make it more suitable for your face’s shape. For example, if you have a thin and/or narrow face, you might want to leave the sides slightly longer, so that you can add width to it. This dyed beard, perfectly trimmed and carefully arranged can give you the aspect of a very stylish man, always focused on wearing a fresh and elegant look. We bet you’ll not only impress women but also your business mates!

Beard fade

Did you notice that fades are the hottest beard style trends in 2021? This unique, fashionable look is obtained by shaping a clean line on the cheek that fades down to the jawline. The beard is left in a goatee, natural, arced chin strap. After the fade haircut, it was only a matter of time before fades became also a part of facial hair. In fact, the fade has become an important element in modern barbering.

The beard fade style is one of the most carefully looking beard styles, so if you want to wear it, you’d better keep it fresh. Give a try to this bold look and be ready to be a presence to remember this year, gentleman!

Full beard

Among all the beard styles, this is the harder to keep, because it certainly needs more maintenance than the others. However, for those who have enough time and patience, the full beard will add charm and a touch of originality.

If your face shape is oval, this style will surely work on you. But if you have any other shape, you may need to find a creative design to ensure it flatters. For example, round faces can be elongated by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter. Research shows that women think that the men with light stubble are good for a one-night stand but a man with full beards are most appealing for a long-term commitment and as a father for their children.

The beardstache style

In this beard style, the moustache is kept longer and fuller than the surrounding hair. It adds a hyper-masculine ruggedness to any face.

It looks best on guys with a wider philtrum and a prominent chin due to it drawing attention higher up the face. A theory of evolution suggests men with mustaches have superior genetic fitness. Mustached men have been shown to be more muscular, sturdy, and sportive – qualities highly desired by women.

The stubble goatee style

The goatee beard refers to any style featuring hair above the lip and on the chin only, sometimes connected to create a frame for the mouth.

For instance, is still very popular. Plus, Goatee looks especially good on slim, angular faces and can make a round face look slightly slimmer, and women do appreciate that especially on guys with short or curly hair.