Are you concerned about your sexual health?

Each and every person desires to have an awesome sex life but, “Is everyone taking care of their sexual health and having a healthy sex life?” The answer to this question is a big no. The person might not be having a healthy sex life either because of emotional conflicts or because of sexual dysfunction. If a person is having an unhealthy sex life due to emotional conflicts, it must be sorted out between the partners, but if the person is not having a healthy sex life due to sexual dysfunction, then he or she must take some necessary steps to enhance their sexual function.

Sexual dysfunction is seen in both male and female, and it does create serious problems in their life. The study shows that one out of 10 men are prevalent of erectile dysfunction, and that number is pretty scary. However, there are many solutions to enhance your sexual functions, and one of them is exercise. Yes, there are specific sports, which are capable of enhancing your sexual function, and this article will list them out.

When it comes to the strictly muscular aspect of sex, fit people have the advantage. Men in prime shape will find sex easier and less painful than men who don’t exercise much. If you don’t exercise regularly, and especially if you never do crunches, you will feel soreness in your lower abdominals and your hip flexors after sex. Exercise can help you feel more confident and energized both in and out of the bedroom, which can improve sex. When you feel good about yourself, and about how your partner sees you physically, you’re going to be more relaxed and less distracted. Your best bet for overall enhanced sexual health is a well-rounded exercise regimen of strength, cardio, and flexibility training.

Here are 5 sports for improving your sexual health.



When you spot a runner calmly jogging around the park in their lycra kit they don’t often look too stressed. This is because running is a great way to rid your body of things that make you stressed, like pent-up energy, tension and excess adrenalin. Stress is a major libido killer and chances are if you’re feeling stressed you won’t want to have sex. Therefore going for a jog or run will bring down your anxiety levels and should help to increase your sex drive. Not only does running make you feel less stressed it also releases endorphins in the body which make you feel good. Running has other perks to. In fact running will help you to get a better figure, which should make you feel more confident when you’re getting close with your guy or girl.

Functional Training

Funcional training is one of the best sports to improve sexual health. When you’re working out regularly, you develop more endurance. That’s important for your sexual health, because having sex is in itself a workout. The best exercise which will improve your sexual function is half pushups. Yes, it is a common exercise popular among both genders, and it will strengthen your muscles for a better sexual intercourse. It is not like regular pushups, though. You need to lower yourself just halfway down, unlike regular pushups where you need to lower yourself completely.

Aerobic Workout

All aerobic exercise increases your circulation, or blood flow, and helps ensure a healthy circulatory system. And a strong, smooth blood flow is key for arousal. In men, it aids in erections, and in women, it’s instrumental in vaginal lubrication and clitoral sensation. Aerobic workout will enhance your blood circulation throughout your body, and it will also strengthen your pelvic floor, upper leg, abdominal, and hip muscles. Furthermore, it is also effective in strengthening your lymphatic system, which will lead to the removal of toxins from your body cells. With this, your energy for sex will drastically increase, making you feel less lethargic.

Deep Breathing and Stretching

It’s a simple exercise for improving your sexual function. It is necessary to have an adequate amount of oxygen for every function of your body. Breathing and stretching will dramatically improve your sexual desire and sexsual health. Many study show that people who practice deep breathing and stretching have a better sex life in comparison to others.


The final exercise on the list is swimming. Swimming will increase your stamina and endurance, which are required for a healthy sex life. Furthermore, it will also decrease your weight and increase your flexibility. Many study prove that weight loss can improve your sexual health too. So, it is better to have at least 30 minutes of swimming each day for improved sexual function.


How much exercise is necessary to improve your sexual health? It all depends on the person, so it’s best to check with your physician. Experts say even short periods of exercise, such as regular brisk walks, can improve your sexual well-being. You do have to be careful not to overdo it, though.