For such a small patch of skin, the perineum can lead to a lot of pleasure. Also called the taint, the perineum is the name for the area between the genitals and the anus. And no matter your gender, playing with this area can make for a great addition to your sex life. 

The perineum is rich with sensitive nerve endings. Regardless of the gender one was assigned at birth, there is tons of pleasure opportunity. Whether you have a penis or vulva, your perineum gets more sensitive when you’re turned on.

During arousal, all bodies experience a swelling and engorging in the genital area, which results in increased sensitivity of the overall genital region. And just like any other sex act, some people love having their perineum touched, while others would rather skip it.

If you’re new to perineum play, light touch is a good way to begin. Tickling, licking, making finger circles, gentling pressing inwards with knuckles, or even stimulating this area with a vibrator can be super pleasurable and an additional add-on to your current feel-good zones. You can also incorporate prostate stimulation, for those who have prostates. People with a prostate will especially enjoy exterior stimulation of the ‘P-spot’ by applying pressure to the perineum.

Spending time on the perineum can be a good way to begin exploring anal sex, if this is something you’re curious about. If you already incorporate anal play, you can touch or lick your partner’s perineum before moving to penetrative sex, anal rimming, or using a sex toy.

Here is a quick five-step guide that will help you to get the most pleasure from the perineum area


Start exploring on your own

Before you bring a partner into the mix, it’s a good idea to explore your perineum on your own. That way, you can identify the kinds of sensations you like. The perineum is like a spider web of muscles that support the pelvic floor. They all basically converge with one another into a single unit. With that said, gentle pressure along or against the belly of the muscle is a great way to start.

After you’ve used your fingers to apply gentle pressure for a while, we recommend trying different forms of digital stimulation. Some prefer the sensual tickle of light touch, while others prefer a deeper form of pressure with a slight rubbing motion. Once you find a sensation that feels good, keep going! You can just focus on your perineum or you can add in other forms of stimulation, like penis stroking or anal penetration with your fingers or a butt plug.

Even if you don’t reach orgasm from perineum stimulation alone, applying some pressure to the area can still help you get closer to climax. In fact, massaging the perineum enhances blood flow in the pelvic region, which can lead to stronger erections. It also draws prostatic fluid into the prostate and encourages the movement of sperm, which begins the process of preparing your body for orgasm.

Use a sex toy

If you’re happy with what your hands have to offer, then keep up the great work! But if your perineum craves more intense stimulation, using a vibrator can upgrade your pleasure game. We suggest holding a simple, external vibrator—such as a bullet vibrator or a wand—against your perineum. Start on the lightest setting. Then work up to whatever intensity that feels best for you. For even more stimulation (and potentially hands-free orgasms), opt for a dual prostate and perineum massager. 

Try it with a partner

Once you’re comfortable exploring your perineum on your own, try it with a partner. You can wear a dual prostate and perineum massager while you’re rolling around together, or you can ask your partner to stroke, lick, or gently press against your perineum while you kiss, have P-in-V sex, receive oral sex, or do anything else that’s fun and hot for the both of you.

Letting a partner explore this part of your body can be an incredibly vulnerable experience, so it’s important to try this with a partner you trust. The goal is to just let your body fully relax and give into this submission. Having a seasoned partner who completely understands the skin’s and muscle’s sensitivities will greatly enhance your chances of this hands-free orgasm.

Don’t forget the lube

There’s no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal play. Choose a silicone-based lube to help reduce friction and prevent painful chafing or tearing.

Prepare yourself

Before you start, make sure your (or your partner’s) hands are clean. No long fingernails. No dirty tips. No food smears, and definitely no sudden movements. Also, placing a condom or latex glove over your finger is a good idea if penetration is on the menu.