Clothing has become an important part of our lives, type of clothes, the brand, the style and the trend all defines a person. Since they have been introduced into the commercial market, jeans have been a hit and there have been different variations on jeans fit; boot cut, low rise, flare, bell bottoms, etc. But fashion is evolving season by season.

Trends change and so do fits. We aren’t trying to peel you away from your skinny jeans or tell you to stop wearing kick-flares, we promise. But, if you’re hoping to welcome a different denim style into your wardrobe this Autumn, you might want to consider a style we’re calling the carrot fit.

Carrot fit jeans are wider at the top, hips and thighs and tighter from the knee down, a shape that’s similar to a carrot or an inverted pyramid, hence its name. They feature a low rise, a looser crotch and slightly tailored ankles without being as tight as skinny jeans. You can wear them a bit slouchy. These jeans are designed for comfort compared to showing off one’s figure and these trousers are starting a serious trend this year.

Despite its trendy and new-sounding name, this cut is actually a throwback to the 1980s. Carrot fit jeans are the most in trend at the moment and is has been widely adopted by the masses in almost all forms and fabrics. This fit has made it’s way into everything from denims to smart casuals.

So, if you’re looking for a new style this season, be sure to give carrot fit Jeans a try! The great part is that it gives a very MOD and neat look. It goes well with all looks and outfits. Since the fit is very in, it is a must have this season. Carrot fit jeans are a great way to show off your curves while staying comfortable and stylish. They are perfect for any occasion and can be paired with any type of top. Carrot fit jeans are the key comeback piece you need to hop on to create the perfect cool girl aesthetic. 

Carrot Fit

Which carrot fit jeans should you choose?

From high street to high end, many brand are expanding their carrot fit jeans offer. If you want to be the most on-trend, opt for a pair of them in indigo blue, with some distressed detailing or rips if you want to add a bit of a modern touch to your look.

What do they go with?

Carrot fit Jeans offer a super versatile option and can be worn for everything from a super casual street wear look to a dressy night out ensemble, making them the perfect day-to-night staple for anyone trying to build a trend-led capsule wardrobe. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let them steal the spotlight.The best way to wear carrot-fit Jeans is to wear them with a pair of flat shoes. The flat shoes can be ankle boots, wedge heels, or ballet flats. If you’re wearing them with a shirt, you should probably only pick a very simple plain white one. 

The carrot fit goes very well with tops that are a little tight and tucked in at the waist. One of the basic rules to achieving a well-proportioned look is to pair tighter garments with wider ones. For a feminine and chic look you can wear them with a printed blouse and high heels, this is the perfect way to show off your curves while still looking chic and stylish. Carrot jeans paired with a T-shirt, shirt or sweatshirt which is too wide would obscure your silhouette and this jeans with a more fitted top would look vulgar and unflattering, especially if you don’t have very svelte figure.

How to choose the best carrot fit jeans?

As with any type of outfit, finding the best style that suits your body is a must. For those who have a bustier body, wearing carrot fit jeans that are not as defined will help ensure you look your best! For those who have a leaner build, wearing more pronounced carrot fits and styles would be better suited to your body type. 

Instead, they make you look fabulous. These jeans are designed to hug your curves in all the right places and come in various styles to suit any taste. So whether you’re looking for a skinny pair of jeans to show off your figure or a more relaxed fit to keep you comfortable, carrot fit jeans have covered you.

So don’t waste time worrying about how you look in your jeans – put on a pair of carrot fit eans and strut your stuff with confidence.