There’s no one right way to style or do your intimate wax – that’s up to you! However, if you’re interested in waxing and want to know a little more before you head to the salon or attempt to do it yourself, there are some styles that have been more popular than others lately, as well as some that are more popular than you might think. There are plenty of different kinds of intimate wax styles out there, and trying to figure out which one might be right for you can be confusing for a lot of people. 

Because many of us might consider most bikini waxing to be pretty involved or an all-over process, a lot of it is surprisingly minimal and still leaves some hair left over. This is because it’s easy to get bikini wax styles mixed up, or just to think they’re all variations of the same thing.
At the end of the day, what bikini wax type you go with comes down to how much hair you’d like removed from the area, and even what shape you’d like your remaining hair to be groomed in. 

Let’s explore the different types of intimate wax to figure out the hottest styles of the summer.

intimate wax

The Full Bikini Wax

Don’t let the name full you. Even though the name of this bikini wax suggests that it would do something on the lines of removing the whole of the hair from your bikini area, it does nothing even close to it. This is not one of those bikini wax types. In the full bikini wax, the beautician would follow the same outline as that in the regular bikini wax. They will only go deeper, meaning that more hair would be removed from along the panty line which would be deeper into the said line.

The French Bikini Wax

Waxing styles have changed a lot over the years. And that’s how we have yet another one of the most popular bikini wax styles—the French bikini wax. It is also known as the landing strip intimate wax as it leaves a rectangular strip of hair in the front that looks exactly like a landing strip.

The French Bikini Wax could be understood as the next stage of the full intimate wax. In this bikini wax type, the beautician would remove hair further deep into the panty line. They will take away all the hair along your panty line and leave only a small rectangular strip of hair in the front. Instead of doing the waxing to yield a triangular shape to match the bikini, the edges of the strip would be straight.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Brazilian Wax is one of the most popular types of intimate wax that has found a place in the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. This is the ultimate bikini hair removal technique which removes all of the hair except leaving a bit on the front. This means all the hair from the front, labia as well as between your butt and around your butthole would be waxed away. You can keep a bit of hair on the front in a shape of your liking, could be a triangle, rectangle, or square. But the most popular shape is the triangle.

Hollywood Bikini Wax

Move beyond all the intimate wax types that we have told you about till now. Hollywood bikini wax is here. It is the level next to the Brazilian. It has been immensely popular amongst Hollywood celebrities and hence the name. The beautician would remove all of the pubic hair leaving you completely and entirely bare. All of the hair from your nether regions is waxed off including the front, back, labia, upper thighs, between the legs, and butthole.   

The Heart Shape Bikini

This sought-after bikini wax removes all pubic hair on the back, sides, and high up top but leaves a loving heart-shaped patch mid-center of the pubic mound. It’s done with a stencil and a lot of accuracy. Love is definitely in the air with a intimate wax request like this, but with precision!

The Monogram Bikini Wax

This bikini wax removes hair from the sides, under and some top – leaving the client with motif patchwork done in sticker pattern, design, or letters. This is a difficult, not to mention time-consuming process, but the results are totally worth it. 

Customers tend to ask for brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, FENDI, or a brand with another recognizable monogram, as well as their significant others’ initials. This isn’t a widespread style, but is definitely cool!

Full Moon Bikini Wax

This is yet another popular one amongst the various types of waxing that came out of the lockdown. It is a new one amongst the different types of wax styles but is still similar in many respects. In a full moon bikini wax, as the name suggests, the beautician would leave hair on the front and shape them into a circle while waxing off the hair from the labia and the back.