Thin hair can easily become flat hair and lack in volume. You may notice that your hair is so fine that it lacks body and volume and it could definitely use a boost. With the right haircut, products, and a few styling tricks, you can easily take some of the weight off your hair and revive those limp and lifeless locks.

Here are some easy ways to get volume in your hair


Get a New Haircut

The longer thin, fine hair gets, the flatter it lays. It’s just a fact of physics. The shorter the hair, the more body it will have. Cutting even just a couple of inches off your hair may help. Yet, if you want the most body for your fine hair, it’s best to keep your hair’s length above the collarbone. Long bobs are very stylish right now and are a great option for giving fine hair a volume boost. Or try a haircut for thin, fine hair with face-framing layers that are not too close to the scalp or to the ends. Layering hair will give it more bounce and movement, making thin hair look fuller and more volumized.

Turn to Hair Colour for Volume

Surprisingly, some say hair dyes might actually plump up the hair shaft just enough to make it appear more voluminous, so adding color can be a very good thing, as long as you don’t go overboard and begin to damage your hair. At the same time, your colorist can apply highlights to give thinner hair the illusion of more volume. Adding a few different shades brings in contrast that adds dimension and makes hair appear thicker.

Embrace Dry Shampoo

Many women use the wrong shampoo for their hair. As you likely know, fine hair can look oily, even after only one day, and your shampoo may not be helping matters. If you have fine hair, stay away from creamy shampoos formulated for thick, coarse hair. Instead, opt for a dry shampoo created to add volume and body.Just spray a small amount at the roots, blast with a hair dryer. Then comb through for extra thickness and volume.

Choose a Conditioner for Fine Hair

Not all conditioners are created equally, and the conditioners that work on our thick-haired friends may not work on those of us with fine hair. Since fine hair can be susceptible to knots and tangles, you should use a volumizing, light conditioner in the shower and avoid the heavier options. Some also recommend conditioning before you shampoo, because conditioners often leave a residue on hair and the shampoo will take care of that.

Switch Your Part

If you always part your hair in the same place, moving your part is an easy way to get a little extra volume boost. Plus, playing with the location of your part is actually better for your hair than rocking the same side part every day. Wearing your hair the same way every day pust tension on the same areas of the scalp and hair, which can cause breakage. So help keep your hair looking healthy and breakage-free by regularly changing up your look. Then you’ll have the added bonus of a little extra volume

Style with Rollers

Foam rollers may seem old-fashioned but they’re actually great for creating volume without damaging hair with heat. Larger rollers create voluminous waves, while smaller rollers will result in tight ringlets. Choose the size roller you want for your look, then wrap dry hair before bed. Remove them in the morning and gently finger-comb for more defined curls. Or brush out hair for a more relaxed look.

Lift the Roots

Finish your hairstyle by spraying a small amount of a volumizing hairspray directly at the roots of dry hair. Used sparingly, this trick will add subtle lift and volume to hair. To lift fine hair after it has been blow-dried, work hairspray along the crown with your fingers. Massage the spray into your roots at the crown until you reach about an inch from the back of your head. Just don’t overdo it, since too much product at the roots can make hair fall flat.

Learn How to Do a Blowout

One of the best ways to volumize hair is through a blowout. Fine hair can be brittle hair, so the less time spent under the heat of a blow dryer, the better. It’s best to let your hair air dry as much as possible.

Blot—don’t rub—your hair dry with a towel after a shower and comb in a root booster or volumizing spray at the crown, then let it air dry. To give your hair a natural beachy wave effect, roughen up hair at the crown or scrunch hair in the palm of your hands.