Yes, we are in the age of the #tag. The best of style is no longer found between the pages of a fashion magazine. Instagram has changed the rules of the style game.

Inspiration is now available from your surroundings. It’s in the free expression of independent bloggers and style consultants who freely share their fashion ideas with anyone willing to look for them in their Instagram accounts.

For a continuous stream of wardrobe inspiration, following the right menswear fashion Instagram account is key. Regardless of how you feel about them, the fact is that “influencers” have a considerable amount of sway in the modern world. The trick is knowing which ones to follow.

Fashion expresses itself through visual imagery and perhaps that’s the reason why fashion brands, bloggers and style icons love to express through Instagram accounts so much.

Sharing their #ootd, new purchases, runway picks, brand collaborations, hottest trends and all other bits and pieces from their luxury lavishing lifestyle they inspire followers from all around the globe.

If you’re in need for outfit inspiration or just looking to add some gentlemanly glam into your life then Instagram is a great place to start. We made your job easier by listing the best of the best below, the list includes regular guys with an incredibly stylish wardrobe and gentlemen from the fashion industry.

Here are the top 5 Men’s fashion Instagram accounts you should follow

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Mariano hails from Italy and his modern gentlemen style keeps his 6.4 million follows engaged daily. Hi is an Italian blogger, fashion designer and actor. He has been an ambassador to luxury brands like Hugo Boss, Maserati, Omega and Calvin Klein. Mariano has an affinity for tailored suits, jackets, vests and is effortlessly European chic. He also shares his family life and values on his fashion Instagram account. His blog, MDV Style, is one of the most popular fashion blogs in the world.


David Gandy has close to one million followers on his fashion Instagram account. British model, columnist and charity ambassador David Gandy has blazed a trail within the male modelling industry since his career began aged 21.He is an icon in the influencer marketing industry. This is a gentleman that every man needs on his Instagram feeds. In addition to his impressive fashion, David is known for his luxury cars and amazing dog photos.


Luka Sabbat is a famous fashion influencer with an excellent fashion style. He has established his brand as an entrepreneur, a model, and a stylist. He fills his feed with pictures that showcase his awe-aspiring clothes whose style brings out his fantastic individuality. You may recognize him from “Grownish”, Luka’s curated feed often includes vibrant pops of colour and silhouettes that are not traditionally considered masculine, creating a style that is influential to both women and men. Majority of the images that he posts on his fashion Instagram account are taken at famous travel destinations. Such destinations include Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. Luke has partnered with many fashionable clothing brands. Significant among them include Calvin Klein, Timberland, and Diesel.


Karlmond Tang is also known as Mr. Boy. He is a menswear blogger, a model, a social media consultant, and a stylist. His uniquely fantastic street style and original photos have made his fashion Instagram account one of the most famous.

Karlmond Tang originally launched his Mr Boy blog back in 2012 and has now moved it over the Renowned for photography-heavy editorials, prepare to be inspired with outfit tips and thought-provoking editorials about the latest fashion shows and resulting trends. The photos are just about as good as they get and Karlmond’s words are an honest expression of how he interprets the world of fashion. He has a daily look of classic pieces that include perfectly tailored jackets, print pants, and exceptionally matching accessories.


Having graduated with the best dressed award in high school, Adam Gallagher went on to become the mastermind behind the blog I AM GALLA and garnered a loyal following of two million under his fashion Instagram account. He’s since built his GALLA empire on his natural fashion foresight and a flair for blending his native Californian elegance with a New York twist.

With an impeccable eye for apparel and a fashion blog that can have you scrolling for hours, we wanted to find out what it was about @iamgalla that had him on the top of the global list of male style influencers.

His natural fashion foresight was inborn, starting his early days shopping with his parents. As he got older, he made a rule for himself to change his look every year, which eventually led him to win the best dressed award in his graduating year at high school. In his Instagram account he’s definitely proved to us that flawlessness takes time to master.