Having a healthy sex drive is linked to feeling physically and emotionally healthy, so it’s no surprise that the foods you eat play a role in boosting your sex life and provide you with better sex. It’s commonly perceived that foods that look like body parts can boost your sex drive. While the scientific correlation behind aphrodisiacs stimulating libido is weak, what we do know is that a healthy diet is associated with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction.

A nutritious diet can benefit your sex life in many ways: it boosts your libido, it improves blood flow and heart health and it improves your stamina.

Since antiquity, people were looking for specific foods in order to improve their sexual performance and fertility. A great number of different foods have been known to have a proven effect on improving stamina and sex drive. Overall a well working circulatory system is essential for sexual health and the consumption of certain foods can result in better stamina and sex drive.

Here are the top 6 foods for having better sex


Oysters have a long-standing reputation as a food with aphrodisiac properties and provide you with better sex. Scientific results suggested that the reason for having such aphrodisiac properties is the high amount of zinc present in oysters. In fact zinc is known to increase the blood flow which may facilitate a better blood flow to the sex organs and also zinc can regulate testosterone levels.

Zinc deficiency has a negative effect on serum testosterone and it can impede spermatogenesis. As zinc cannot be stored in the human body a regular dietary intake is required. Oysters are the richest known food in terms of zinc as they contain more than 900% of your daily value per 100mg. However, if you are not an oyster fan then lobster, crab, red meat and poultry can provide you with sufficient amounts of zinc. Non-seafood sources of zinc include beef, pork, baked beans, pumpkin seeds or cereals fortified with zinc. All of them a real friend to provide you with better sex.


It has been suggested by researchers that a higher fruit intake may reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by as much as 14%. The reason is the high flavonoid content of certain fruits. Fruits like berries, grapes, apples and citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids. Watermelon also can improve erections and increase your libido as it contains citrulline which releases amino acids like arginine in the body.

Furthermore, beetroots contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and nitrates which could boost sexual performance. Dietary nitrates from beetroot juice can improve blood flow and stamina during sex and they can also improve the heart health overall. Try them to provide you with better sex.

Better sex


Salmon is well known for having heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The pink-fleshed fish, as well as sardines, tuna and halibut, could play a role in keeping your body, and your sex life, healthy. Omega-3s help prevent the buildup of plaque in your arteries, according to a 2017 reviewTrusted Source.

This promotes healthy blood flow throughout your body. Keeping the circulatory system working smoothly reduces the risk of certain diseases that impair sexual function. A large 2020 Cochrane review says that omega-3 fatty acids slightly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease events and death, and reduces triglycerides (fats) in the blood. Fish is also a great source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron. It also contains zinc. All of them to provide you with better sex.

Avocados for a better sex

Fun fact: The word for “avocado” is derived from an Aztec word meaning “testicle.” Avocados are really good for the testicles, or at least what comes out of them. Versatile and nourishing, avocados are loaded with vitamin E. Vitamin E is a key antioxidant that widens blood vessels, potentially lowering the risk for cardiovascular disease. It may also reduceTrusted Source sperm DNA damage. Avocados are also rich in vitamin B-6, which helps keep your nervous system in balance; potassium, which powers up your libido and energy; monounsaturated oleic acid, which supports circulation and makes your heart healthy.

Dark chocolate

Chocolate increases both serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, making us happy and lowering our stress level—both libido boosters if you know what we mean. Another theory is that cocoa increases blood flow through the arteries and relaxes blood vessels—sending blood to all the right regions. Whatever the reason, chocolate is never a bad thing to provide you with better sex.


It turns out all those dates at the local café may be worthwhile—coffee may just be the best libido booster around. It contains a stimulant that has been shown to put females in the mood, as well as additional herbs and drinks such as ginseng, macha, chamomile tea and red clover tea.

At the same time, however, there are some foods to avoid if you want to excel at your sex game. It is best to limit foods that are high in salt and sugar, and monitor fat intake to keep your blood flow and circulation going strong.