For single guys, going on vacation is all about creating the best time possible no matter where – but it helps to be in a city or country that will enhance that feeling. The prime holiday places for singles need a good combination of scenery, things to do and, of course, great nightlife.

Before you’re ready to jet out with your buddies – or solo – to any of these cities, it is a good idea to take a look at any tours that may be available whether you’re traveling alone or in a group. Many cities have these tours available either online or through the particular hotel you may be staying in. Plan ahead your stay, to make sure you make the most of it!

No matter what you may be into, the main focus as a single guy is to really enjoy your status while meeting new and lovely company while enjoying all that a different city has to offer.

Bangkok, Thailand. One of the best holiday places for singles.

Thailand is everything you’d expect from an Asian country – it’s a bustling mix of the ancient with the utterly modern, all wrapped up in a colorful explosion of beauty.

The beauty you find is in the ancient temples and the friendly smiles of the people, but it runs much deeper than that. It runs skin deep, and especially in the natural beauty of the millions of single Thai women living here.

Of all the overlooked destinations in Asia for a single guy to visit, Bangkok is top of that list. Why?

It is probably because it’s developed a reputation as being “too popular” as a holiday places for singles- a place for single men to visit – mostly because it was a player’s paradise for a long time.

But the dating and foreign romance scene in this city of 6 million people – making it the most populous city in Thailand – has matured a lot over the last few years, making it an ideal place to find love, no matter what type of love you’re looking for.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ah, Amsterdam. This article would not be complete without mentioning the fascinating, explosive Amsterdam, would it? Here it is, finally. The city is famous for many wonderful attractions, and to some people, Amsterdam is lauded for having the best red-light district in the world. Amsterdam may look sleepy and peaceful during the daytime with its beautiful trees, exquisite architecture, and canals, but it comes alive at night. Amsterdam has a rich history and is only a train ride (or a super quick flight) from other European cities. Truly worth a visit!

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the ultimate travel destination for thousands of holiday makers every year. With the perfect mix of culture, natural wonders, world class waves, and of course, an incredible nightlife – Bali has it all. But what if you’re a solo traveller keen to make friends or socialise at night? There are plenty of bars and clubs and places where solo travelers can meet people and make friends for life (or just the night!).

The selection of bars and clubs in Bali is second to none so if you are travelling solo or hitting town to meet that special someone for the night, check out the long list Bali’s top bars for meeting other singles before you go. You will be surprised!

Bonus: Bali is extremely cheap compared to European or US countries!

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Budapest, Hungary. One of the best holiday places for singles

As one of Europe’s best travel destinations, Budapest attracts millions of visitors each year. In Budapest, solo travel is very common. Many single travellers who are looking for the best holiday places for singles, visit the Hungarian city and have the best time! Between all the historical and cultural buildings, museums and all the thermal spas, a solo trip to Budapest is highly recommendable. Budapest is very easy to navigate. As most places are walkable and public transit BKK (buses, trams, four metro lines, trolley buses and suburban railway) is easy to use. Budapest’s nightlife is very lively: locals love to stay up late in pubs, clubs and exclusive events at the theater or at the spa.

Barcelona, Spain

You have it all in Barcelona! There’s plenty of day tours to all cultural, tourist-oriented and historical sites, while night life is endless. There are clubs everywhere. Check them out in different areas (e.g., Gothic Quarter, El Born, El Raval, Eixample, etc.) of Barcelona. If you want further info, you can always “Google” the keywords of “nightlife, Barcelona” and you’ll get hundreds of results… you just have to choose! Barcelona is the ultimate party spot. Most clubs don’t even open until 2am (yes, you read that right!) giving you plenty of time for dinner and smaller bars to entertain yourself. Spanish people are beautiful but the regular population is a little frigid towards tourists, understandably so. The beaches are littered with nude people so be prepared for that!